Frederic was born in 1972. Spending several months a year on the family's sailboat since his early years, he has always been in contact with the sea. At the age of 10, he discovers free diving and takes that way.

After some years of practice, he turned to scuba diving for a while and became a Padi and Cmas scuba diving instructor. He starts to teach free diving in 1991. Two years after completing publicity and communication studies, he set his 1st world record in 1995 and decided to dedicate his life to free diving and began to travel the world. He achieved two more world records in 1997 and 1999. The same year, Frederic passed the100m's mythical barrier in breathold diving. He was the 8th person to do so. In 2000, he set his last world record and initiated a research program about free diving.Since then, Frederic keeps on travelling to free dive and teach free diving all over the world. In 2002, he started underwater photography to be able to show the beauty of free diving and the underwater world to the wider audience.