As much as 71% of Earth's surface is covered by water, representing one of the last
great frontiers on this planet. We literally have only scratched the surface of
what lies beneath the waves. And even of the species we have found, we know
relatively little.

Perhaps the greatest challenge we face in exploring the oceans is to get close to
marine life without disturbing it. A tall order, given the noise and clouds of bubbles
emitted by most diving equipment.

So some scientists have now turned to freediver Frederic Buyle: they want to see if
his noiseless and calm method of diving might allow him to approach even shy animals
and be tolerated by them in their immediate vicinity. His freediving abilities are
remarkable: not only does he descend to depths exceeding 50 metres, he also manages
to stay there for up to 4 minutes on a single breath.

Responding to enquiries from researchers, Frederic teams up with the renowned
underwater cameraman Christian Petron to document his experiences. Christian's
vast experience includes working on Luc Besson's The Big Blue and Atlantis, but
Frederic's attempts to freedive with ocean dwellers like great white sharks will
certainly test even Christian's experience.

Shot on HD, this action-packed adventure/wildlife series will be visually striking
and draws on Christian Petron's extensive experience of bringing extraordinary
pictures to the screen. Slick coverage of cutting-edge research and state-of-the-art
graphics illustrate the scientific backdrop to each expedition, while Frederic
Buyle's incredible freediving performances add a sense of adventure and real
danger that draws the viewer into the story.

5 x 52 Min. HDTV
Production 2008/2009

Release Autumn/Winter 2009